“Red Lady, Red Lady, show us your face…”

Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters, coming December 2019, is a supernatural thriller starring protagonist Heather Cole. If you like spooky, creepy, suspense  – this one is for you. 

Let me address the style of this writing, which by far and away won’t appeal to every reader, but will be an absolute delight to those who like an “in the mind” stream of consciousness flow. This story feels entirely inside of Heather’s head, and as the narrator you either learn to trust her – or not.  Not to get too psychological here, but you know how the truth has three sides? yours, theirs, and the actual truth? Well, with Heather we are sure  to at least to get one good side. 

In terms of plot, Heather has kept a really dark secret for nearly 30 years, and suddenly now with the arrival of a little silver BFF necklace, that secret threatens to destroy the life she built for herself. As I read, I kept thinking – this is very much a concept of, “I know what you did last summer.” But, I promise that is where the similarities end. This story has its own plot, pace, and conclusion which has nothing to do with masked boogie men.

When Heather receives afore mentioned necklace in the mail; a necklace she hasn’t seen since the night she killed her best friend Becca, she comes to the conclusion that someone else knows about that night, and that someone is probably out to get her her. Logically, that is a super sound conclusion, and my recommendation to Heather is immigration. I hear Finland is nice. 

I won’t go into any spoilers since the books isn’t even published, but highly recommend for a cozy fall/winter read with a nice blanket and glass of red. This book story has much more to offer than a mere ghost of two, not that that’s a bad thing either. Enjoy book worms. 

Dead Girls Club, by Damien Angelica Walters – published December 2019 wherever books are sold. 

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for the ARC and to Netgalley #partner