Meet Jane

Hello fellow book nerds! I really LOVE reading and reviewing books!

Topsail, North Carolina

Here are ten things about me (in no particular order):

  1. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. However, former homes include New York/Connecticut, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. New Orleans is my favorite city in the USA!
  2. My favorite food is sushi; mirugai, uni, and toro specifically and in that order. 🍣
  3. Reading is my passion (spoiler alert!)
  4. My favorite tea is the Paris Blend by Harney and Sons. I drink it by the gallon.
  5. I like school! I like school so much that I have three degrees. Something about the books and the chance to learn something new, to have a space to think about a thing.
  6. I don’t have just one favorite book. I have a favorite genre, and that’s mystery/thriller. I devour them.
  7. I hate the cold. I really really do. Give me a hot day, with some humidity and sunshine. I don’t get seasonally depressed, I just get seasonally angry. Angry at the cold 🥶🤬
  8. My favorite color is black. You can’t go wrong with a solid black.
  9. I love my family. My household features a charming husband, a spunky daughter, a fluffy golden doodle, and the ghost of a cranky cat. Together we travel, play, and eat a lot of really good food. My daughter in particular is a little epicurean. She adores a nicely done meal 🥘
  10. My favorite place in the world is probably the South of France. I can pretty much die happy in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, and you won’t hear from me again.

    Thanks for getting to know me! Share your favorite books and foods with me below.

2 thoughts on “Meet Jane”

  1. I really love mystery as well, especially Agatha Christie!! I also love tea, hate the cold and mostly have dark clothes in my closet, lol


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